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Desk-Sharing Agreement Reached in Connecticut

July 7, 2016:  With a number of new hires anticipated to soon arrive, Union and Management at the Connecticut office negotiated an agreement governing the likely advent of desk-sharing for some employees.


Job Applicants May Question Grade Level

July 5, 2016:  Following several complaints about the pay rates of new Passport Specialists, NFFE 1998 inquired about that Agency decision-making process.  Applicants for Passport Specialist positions can and should question Human Resources if they think the grade level they are being offered does not square with the OPM guidelines.


July Offers Break From Mandatory OT

July 1, 2016:  Boston employees were thankful to learn this would be the first month in many moons that required no specified level of mandatory overtime work.  This marks the second month in a row without mandatory overtime for Charleston.


Reasonable Accomodation Grievance Filed

June 25, 2016: Local 1998 filed a grievance on behalf of an employee.  She had requested a reasonable accommodation for less formal footwear to address back problems in the wake of a car accident.  Local Management would not allow the change, despite receiving medical documentation, until it received an okay weeks later from the reasonable accommodation unit.


WPC Seating Agreement Updated

June 16, 2106A Union grievance was resolved by a settlement agreement.  The grievance was filed when Agency refused to  meet with the Union about the Acquisition Review Panel.


Cell Phone Ban Proposals Live To See Another Day

June 8, 2106:  The Federal Labor Relations Authority effectively denied twin Motions to Dismiss filed by Passport Management.  The Agency unsuccessfully attempted to have two negotiability appeals of the Union dismissed.  Both cotained proposals about the Agency's ban on cell phones in the workspace.


Delegates to NFFE Convention to be Elected

May 28, 2016:  Nominations and elections for delegates to the NFFE convention will occurr between now and the end of July.  Two delegates will represent Local 1998 in voting for new NFFE officers (President, Secretary-Treasurer and Vice Presidents) as well as bylaws changes.


Agreement Reached on System Downtime Procedures

May 27, 2016 Local 1998 reached agreement with Passport Services on an MOU concerning computer operational issues.  Henceforth, when computer systems fail to operate properly, employees will generally be promptly notified whether their production for the day is measurable.


Record Total Concludes FLSA Settlement  

May 26, 2016Local 1998 reached agreement with Passports Services on a 2009 grievance over suffered and permitted overtime compelled with the agency.  The Agency agreed to pay a total of 6.5 million dollars to resolve the grievance.  The money will go towards reimbursing affected employees.


Overtime Payment Delays Addressed

May 13, 2016:  San Francisco officers filed a grievance over delays in payments to employees for overtime.  The matter came to amicable resolution with the signing of the settlement that allowed employees time to review their earnings statements so far this year for errors.


Local Officers Converge on Maryland

April 20 2016 Over 30 officers of the Local met in Placid Harbor, MD for a weeklong training session.  Topics included investigative interviews, combatting PIPs, and bargaining office moves.  NFFE Vice President John Obst helped run a training program that featured largely new material.


Union Responds to Agency Grievance

January 25, 2016 Local President Arnold replied to another Agency grievance.  In it, the Agency alleged that the Union's request for informatinon by a certain date was tantamount to lying.


Ex-Peace Corps BUE Withholding Errors Fixed

January 21, 2016:  After considerable discussion between the Union and Management, retirement withholdings for dozens of employees were altered to the correct amount.  The Agency has yet to pay back the sums incorrectly collected from ex-Peace Corps hires, but has pledged to make all employees whole.


IAM Offers Scholarship Opportunity

January 12, 2016:  IAMAW is encouraging applications for its 2016 college scholarships that is open to NFFE 1998 members and their college-age children.  The deadline is February 26th.  Details about the scholarship can be found here.


WPC Seating Agreement Updated

December 29, 2015:  Local Union and Management officials in Tucson successfully concluded negotiations on a new office seating agreement.


FSIP Session Produces Transfer Agreement

December 21, 2015:  Member Johnson of the Federal Service Impasses Panel presided over a late-night meeting that produced an agreement between Management and the Union on competetive opportunities for transfers.


Improper Drug Test Grieved

December 3, 2015:  In reaction to a grievance concerning HRPT-clearance employees improperly subjected to drug tests due to agency error, the two sides negogiated a mutually-acceptable settlement and path forward.




Officers from Houston, San Juan, Portsmouth and Seattle take part in collective bargaining training


Secretary Treasurer Amanda Booher leads a bargaining simulation

Article 22 Agreement

Union and Management meet in a hotel lobby to hammer out a deal on arbitration procedures.



Winpisinger Center

NFFE 1998 officers from San Diego, Detroit, Connecticut and Tucson attend Collective Bargaining Course


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