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NFFE Counsel Honored in Death

 February 27, 2015:  NFFE Attorney Phillip Snodgrass died when a vehicle suddenly left the road as he was walking to evening law school classes.  Snodgrass will be remembered for his easy-going character and work ethic.  Snodgrass defended Local 1998 in a hearing just last month.   


Partial Agreement Reached on Security Clearance

February 20 2015:  The Federal Services Impasses Panel instructed the Agency and Union to submit their final arguments concerning a remaining Security Clearance term in dispute.  The majority of provisions were bargained to conclusion.  Terms the Agency is already committed to for the upcoming clearance upgrades can be found here


FLRA: 45 Agency Positions Wrongly Classified

We February 2, 2015: A decision on a Union request to clarify who is within Local 1998's bargaining unit arrived today.  The FLRA ruled that 45 of 60 positions that Local 1998 had challenged were, in fact, incorrectly classified as Management positions.


Dates Decided for Critical Upcoming Rallies

We encourages all government workers near to the DC-area to consider committing a few hours of free time to two important upcoming events: February 10th, Noon, Senate Upper Park -The intent of the "Government Works for America" rally  is to end the sequester and fully fund government. March 4, 2015  - Employees can help with "Stop Fast Track Lobby Day" by arranging visits to their representatives on Capitol Hill.  Necessitating the meetings are ill-advised plans to fast-track the Trans Pacific Partnership, a trade agreement endangering thousands of jobs. 


FLRA:  No Wrongdoing by NFFE in San Juan Bargaining

January 16, 2015:  The Washington region of the Federal Labor Relations Authority determined that an Agency Unfair Labor Practice charge against NFFE 1998 was without merit.  The Agency had filed the ULP when Union brought a bargaining team of three to a negotiation session over San Juan office layout.  The Agency unsuccessfully argued that the CBA gave it the right to determine the size of bargaining teams.


Arbitrator Hears Arguments About Official Time Use

January 21, 2015:  Passport Services took NFFE 1998 to arbitration today over a grievance, claiming that Union officers at the Law Enforcement Liaison (LE) office misused official time by attempting to set up meetings when not on official time.  The allegations started once a different arbitrator ruled LE Management had improperly denied union time requests.


Failure to Bargain Office Layout Goes to Arbitration

January 7, 2015:  Well-known arbitrator Norm Abrams will settle a dispute concerning the San Juan Passport Agency.  The Agency had failed to respond to a Union request for floor plans, then completed construction in Puerto Rico without involving the employees.  Continuing, inadequate space for adjudicators, along with refusals of the agency to negotiate prompted the Union involve a third party.


Common Sense Approach to Notations Prevails

December 3, 2014:  The FLRA's Collaboration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Office helped guide Union and Management to an agreement that affects how Passport Specialists are charged errors.  The agreement concluded a longstanding dispute over  Agency implementation of 7 FAM 1340.


Poor Treatment of Detroit Employees Addressed

November 26, 2014:  Yet another employee came forward to protest disrespectful treatment by Detroit Passport Agency Management, as well as unfair performance ratings.  Local 1998 assisted in the filing of a step one grievance.


Arbitrator Gives Employees Huge Awards Win

November 24, 2014:  Arbitrator Jerome Ross determined the remedy for awards being skewed towards passport managers in 2010 and 2011.  Rejecting arguments that the penalty should be limited to $20,000 Ross decreed that employees must be collectively receive an additional $125,000 and that 25 more employees must receive Quality Step Increases.  The decision may prove to the biggest monetary victory in the 30-year history of the Local.


Local Offers Federal Guide to Health Plans to Members

November 24, 2014:  NFFE 1998 purchased priviledges for all its members to the Consumer's Checkbook Guide to Federal Health Plans.  Through health insurance open season, members can access the guide by entering their union member number as the sign-in ID and "healthplans" for the password.


Employee Dismissal Prompts 2nd San Fran Arbitration

November 18, 2014:  A second Passport Specialist dismissed from the San Francisco Passport Agency was argued at arbitration today.  The two-day hearing delved into the wording in the Foreign Affairs Manual and subjectivity of knowledge errors.


Union Fights for Employee's Job

October 22, 2014:  The dismissal of a Passport Specialist was taken before an arbitrator today.  The Union argued that the Knowledge of Adjudication critical element that the agency cited as the basis for dismissal was already ruled unreasonable in prior proceedings.


ULP over PRC Card Retention Resolved

October 10, 2014:  The Agency and Union came to terms on a settlement to resolve an Unfair Labor Practice Charge.  The charge concerned the Agency's expansion of its Permanent Resident Alien Card retention program.


Agency Agrees to Negotiate Acquisition Review Panel

September 24, 2014:  An Unfair Labor Practice charge was settled, with the agency agreeing to a public announcement.  The ULP was filed by Local 1998 after the Agency instituted changes to its procedures on adjudicating cases where the passport applicant is born overseas, but acquires citizenship at birth based upon U.S. citizenship of a biological parent.



Phil Snodgrass - accomplished NFFE Counsel falls victim to fatal accident

Romano arbitration

Gil Yap and Mike Romano with NFFE Counsel Phil Snodgrass at San Francisco arbitration hearing

NFFE birtday cake

Cake from New Orleans officers commemorates NFFE 1998's birthday



Hinton Lamie Trinidad-Perez

Officers Boyd Hinton, Sue Lamie and Josue Trinidad-Perez during a break in security clearance negotiations


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