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Local Offers Federal Guide to Health Plans to Members

November 24, 2014:  NFFE 1998 purchased priviledges for all its members to the Consumer's Checkbook Guide to Federal Health Plans.  Through health insurance open season, members can access the guide by entering their union member number as the sign-in ID and "healthplans" for the password.


Employee Dismissal Prompts 2nd San Fran Arbitration

November 18, 2014:  A second Passport Specialist dismissed from the San Francisco Passport Agency was argued at arbitration today.  The two-day hearing delved into the wording in the Foreign Affairs Manual and subjectivity of knowledge errors.


Union Fights for Employee's Job

October 22, 2014:  The dismissal of a Passport Specialist was taken before an arbitrator today.  The Union argued that the Knowledge of Adjudication critical element that the agency cited as the basis for dismissal was already ruled unreasonable in prior proceedings.


ULP over PRC Card Retention Resolved

October 10, 2014:  The Agency and Union came to terms on a settlement to resolve an Unfair Labor Practice Charge.  The charge concerned the Agency's iexpansion of its Permanent Resident Alien Card retention program.


Agency Agrees to Negotiate Acquisition Review Panel

September 24, 2014:  An Unfair Labor Practice charge was settled, with the agency agreeing to a public announcement.  The ULP was filed by Local 1998 after the Agency instituted changes to its procedures on adjudicating cases where the passport applicant is born overseas, but acquires citizenship at birth based upon U.S. citizenship of a biological parent.


Arbitrability Debated Through Written Arguments

September 15, 2014: NFFE President Rob Arnold and Pasport Attorney Robert E. Murphy submitted briefs to Arbitrator Roger Abrams; at issue is whether or not the Union's grievance on the Agency's failure to bargain the office layout of the San Juan is suitable for arbiration.


Passport Day Set for September 13th

Members of the public in Atlanta and Minnesota needing passports can apply (with no appointment needed) on Saturday, September 13, 2014. Detroit's Passport Day will be one week earlier, September 6th.


Awards Statistics Disputed

August 27, 2014: NFFE General Counsel Stefan Sutich and Passport Services Attorney Robert E. Murphy submitted briefs to Arbitrator Jerome H. Ross concerning appropriate amount of reimbursement for bargaining unit employees harmed by the Agency's failure to provide equitable award amounts in 2010 and 2011. 


Local Implements Sign-up Bonus for New Members

August 1, 2014: Local 1998 is ramping up its membership efforts.  The Local will offer free Union polo shirts to the first 20 new members to join during the month of August.


Settlement Reached on Foreign Affairs Manual Update

July 23 2014: Labor and Management reached agreement on a plan to provide NFFE 1998 an opportunity to bargain over revisions to the S.O.P. concerning two-parent consent procedures.  


Grievance Filed Regarding Invalid Production Quota

July 23 2014: Los Angeles Senior Steward Lynette Frowner grieved statements that employees would be poorly rated if they did not achieve the Agency's Applicant Response quota.  The A/R quota has yet to prove workable nearly three years after being announced. 


Manager Behavior Challenged in Detroit

July 23 2014: NFFE 1998 filed a step 2 grievance over inappropriate treatment of an employee at the Detroit Passport Agency.  Edit: this employee soon became one of several Detroit employees to accept jobs elsewhere.  


Agency Commits to Provide Information

July 10 2014: An Unfair Labor Practice charge made against the Connecticut Passport Agency for failing to provide complete information was resolved by a signed settlement.  


Agency Acknowledges Its Adjudication Violations

July 10 2014: Per the instructions in the June 17 FLRA decision, Passport Services sent out acknowledgements at most offices that it had violated the Labor-Management Relations Statute.  


Arbitrator Issues Split Decision on Employee Breaks

July 2, 2014: An arbitrator ordered that Passport Services take steps to prevent further instances of employees receiving less than their full two 15-minute daily breaks.  The decision agreed with the Union that the issue of how breaks from the public counter are accounted for represented a continuing violation, but sided with Management in determining that Detroit employees had not suffered significant harm to date. 


Chicago Management Restores Lunch Arrangement

June 19, 2014: After suddenly ending a long-standing local scheduling practice, the Chicago Passport Agency restored the lunch arrangement.  Local 1998 had filed a ULP, charging that the Agency was forcing through its scheduling preferences while in the midst of bargaining the same topic. 


New York Finalizes Deal on Schedules

June 18, 2014: Union and Management teams at the New York Passport Agency completed the first negotiated office schedules policy.  The agreement includes unique provisions not seen at other offices. 


  Romano arbitration

Gil Yap and Mike Romano with NFFE Counsel Phil Snodgrass at San Francisco arbitration hearing

NFFE birtday cake

Cake from New Orleans officers commemorates NFFE 1998's birthday

Hinton Lamie Trinidad-Perez

Officers Boyd Hinton, Sue Lamie and Josue Trinidad-Perez during a break in security clearance negotiations



YFL Yap 

Local 1998 officer Gil Yap's work with YFL makes the cover of newsletter

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