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Local Opposes Mandatory Security Clearance Changes

April 11, 2014: Local 1998 Leadership expressed its disagreement with the agency's planned mandatory upgrades of employee clearances to Secret, following decades of recognition that High Public Trust most accurately fit the job duties.  Further information on the issue is available here.


Local 1998 Reps Complete Nationwide Training Session

April 3, 2014:   Dozens of Union officers from across the nation attended a weeklong training session in Placid Harbor, Maryland.  The rare chance to meet face-to-face allowed the group to set negotiation priorities for the bargaining unit.


MIS Agreement Provides Time To Account For Time

March 14, 2014:   Passport Headquarters and NFFE 1998 National Officials completed negotiation of a new agreement.  The document stresses importance of timely MIS submission and provides .5 hours per week for Specialists to complete it.


Employee Mourned in Miami

March 1, 2014:   In a tragic development, Miami Passport Specialist Durron Swain was murdered as he drove in to work for overtime work early Saturday morning.  Our prayers are with his family.


Union February ULP Victory #5

February 7, 2014:   Former Vice President Boyd Hinton pursued this appeal for over a year before it produced major results this week.  The Agency agreed to provide comp time off for the denied re-parking hours accummulated over the past year by 13 night shift employees at CPC.  Any other employees affected by local Management's abrupt change in parking policy can still be grieved during the month of February.


Union February ULP Victory #4

February 6, 2014:   The Agency settled yet another Unfair Labor Practice charge by pledging to bargain over the PIERS/ACRQ logs (which allow employees to explain their database searches if required to after the fact).


Union February ULP Victories #2 and 3

February 6, 2014:   Two Unfair Labor Practice charges filed over refusals to provide data were settled today.  Passport Services will turn over the requested information and email an acknowledgement of its violation to members of the bargaining unit.


Union February ULP Victory #1

February 4, 2014:   The Agency settled an Unfair Labor Practice Charge by agreeing to provide Equal Employment mediation/settlement data to the Union.


Holiday Season Marked by Numerous Dismissals

January 15, 2014:   The Holiday Season wasn't so happy for some passport employees.  The Agency terminated the employment of numerous people.  Local 1998 filed grievances on three dismisasls..


Union Plus Offers Members Scholarship Opportunities

January 10, 2014:   Each year, Union Plus awards amounts between $500 and $4000 in scholarships to dues-paying union members. The deadline for Local 1998 members to apply for a 2014 college or graduate scholarship is January 31, 2014, 12 p.m. (noon) EST.  Further details can be found here.


Union Disputes Creative Interpretation of "Malfeasance"

January 3, 2014:   In a final step grievance, Local 1998 charged that Management characterizations of possible employee malfeasance that supervisors should watch for represent an unjustified elevation of penalties, particularly in comparison to the leeway Management grants itself to deviate from policy.


Quick Agreement Reached on Parking in Puerto Rico

January 2, 2014:   Local 1998 national officers and members of Passport Headquarters concluded a week of bargaining.  The subject resolved concerned parking for employees at the newly-opened San Juan Passport Agency in Puerto Rico.


Management Obligated to Bargain 7 FAM 1340

December 20, 2013:   The Washington region of the FLRA found merit in a ULP from Local 1998.  The Union sought relief for the agency's refusal to bargain over the numerous changes mandated in the multi-hundred page revision of the Foreign Affairs Manual.


Leave Restored to New York Employees

December 17, 2013:   New York Senior Steward Andrew Woodford objected to Local Management's requirement that employees observe their "8-hour day" on holidays. The Agency made the Union whole by researching the schedule back to 2008. Affected employees were credited with between one and 38 hours of comp time, depending on the length of time they were on the compressed Schedule.


Temperature Problems Addressed in DC

December 10, 2013: President Rob Arnold inquired with the agency about heating issues at the new "CA World" Building. Hats and coats were necessary for warmth in some parts of the building. Technology Operations Management took action to fix the problem.


Violations Acknowledged in Seattle

 November 18, 2013:   Senior Steward Sue Lamie's grievance regarding a supervisor's abuse of authority was answered today.  Seattle Management agreed and had the supervisor apologize to the employee.


Two Grievances Filed

November 15, 2013:   NFFE 1998 produced two grievances today. L.A. officer Lynette Frowner submitted one concerning inappropriate managerial conduct in Los Angeles; President Rob Arnold filed a second that disputed the need for an employee's PIP.


CBA Bargaining Continues

November 8, 2013:   Two weeks of negotiations in the nation's capital produced two more contract articles now agreed to.  Numerous differences on such issues as the performance system remain.  The Parties are discussing continuing bargaining in early 2014.



  NPC bargaining

Contract bargaining team:  Paul Barton, Steve Flory, Gerald Moore, Boyd Hinton (standing)

Mirna Lopez

Former New Orleans Rep Mirna Lopez

Winpinsinger Federal Employees Advanced

Willie Richbourgh, Michelle Salisbury, Tonya Aikens and Paul Barton attend the Advanced Federal Employees class




Houston non-compliance arbitration

Butrina Tolbert and Rob Arnold in DC for a second Houston CWS hearing

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