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 Passport Services & NFFE Local 1998 Documents
Below are various documents (MOU's, settlement agreements, etc.) relevant to labor-management relations generated by NFFE Local 1998 and Passport Services.  Included in the documents below are the certifications of unit from the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) that officially designated NFFE Local 1998 as the exclusive representative of the bargaining unit employees of Passport Services.  Chief among the documents linked on this webpage is the collective bargaining agreement (aka "contract", or "CBA") between Passport Services and NFFE Local 1998.  
 Collective Bargaining Agreements between NFFE Local 1998 and Passport Services 
Collective Bargaining Agreements: NFFE Local 1998 and Passport Services have negotiated five collective bargaining agreements (also called "CBA", or "contract", or "Agreement", or Union Agreement"): 
  • July 3, 2001 CBA 
  • September 23, 1991 CBA 
  • June 4, 1986 CBA 
  • March 11, 1985 CBA 
  • June 8, 1983 CBA 


Current July 3, 2001 CBA: 

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February 8, 2005 Amendment

February 10, 2005 Amendment

February 11, 2005 Amendment

May 22, 2008 Amendment



July 3, 2001 CBA 

Prior to the July 3, 2001 CBA, NFFE Local 1998 and Passport Services Management negotiated 4 previous CBA's, effective on: September 23, 1991; June 4, 1986; March 11, 1985; and June 8, 1983 (the latter is not pictured). 
September 23, 1991 CBA June 4, 1986 CBA March 11, 1985 CBA
 Memorandums of Understanding/Joint Memos
MOU signed by Union and Management regarding auditing of passport files (PIERS): MOU 8-14-2008 
New Passport Specialists performance elements: Joint Memo 5-23-2008 
MOU signed by Union and Management to resolve Unfair Labor Practice charge regarding Management's decision to contract out the passport application execution/acceptance function: MOU 1-29-2008  
MOU signed by Union and Management regarding use of other Department of State personnel to perform the passport application execution/acceptance function: MOU 1-29-2008 
 Settlement Agreements 

 Second shift/night shift grievance settlement: Settlement Agreement 5-22-2008 
Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime pay grievance settlement: Settlement Agreement 2-11-2005 
Work schedules arbitration settlement agreement: Arbitration Settlement Agreement 11-29-2004
 Union/Management Council Meeting Minutes 
National Union/Management Council Meeting Minutes:

August 6, 2003 NUMC Official (Joint) Meeting Minutes

December 3-4, 2002 NUMC Official (Joint) Meeting Minutes

September 25, 2001 NUMC Official (Joint) Meeting Minutes


Local office Union/Management Council Meeting Minutes: 
  Local Policy/Practice Agreements 
Work Schedules
Dress Code 
Colorado Work Schedules Agreement 06-17-2008 
Washington DC Dress Code 06-01-2006 
Seattle Work Schedules Agreement 10-08-2008 
Washington DC Work Schedules Agreement 05-01-2006
(NOTE: needs to be updated to reflect the 4/10 CWS on the night shift, 
per the 05-22-2008 Settlement Agreement) 
Union Orientation 
Houston Work Schedules Agreement 10-17-2001
NPC Union Orientation SOP 05-5-2008 
New Orleans Work Schedules Agreement 10-8-2008 
New Orleans Work Schedules Addendum 11-18-2008  Seating Assignments
Seattle Seating Assignment Agreement 05-29-2008 
 FLRA Documents relating to NFFE Local 1998 and/or Passport Services 
Negotiability Appeal Decision:  Decision and Order on Negotiability Issues: 60 FLRA No. 34.  The FLRA issued a decision in this negotiability appeal, ruling that the Union's proposals - including the proposal to "maintain the status quo" - were negotiable, in response to Management's attempt to terminate three compressed work schedules.  Management was ordered to substantively bargain with the Union prior to terminating the compressed work schedules.  (August 17, 2004)
Order Dismissing Exceptions: This decision by the FLRA came in an "exception" (an appeal) of an arbitrator's decision.  The FLRA denied the exception on the basis that the Union had withdrawn the grievance: 48 FLRA No. 117. (December 8, 1993)
Unfair Labor Practice Charge: The FLRA upheld an Unfair Labor Practice Charge filed by NFFE Local 1998 regarding Passport Services' refusal to provide the addresses of bargaining unit employees: 43 FLRA No. 36. (November 27, 1991)  
Order Denying Application for Review: This decision by the FLRA ended Management's attempt to decertify NFFE Local 1998 as the exclusive representative of Passport Services bargaining unit employees: 35 FLRA No. 129. (May 30, 1990)
Certification of Consolidation of Units: Consolidation of Union: FLRA Case No. 3-UC-50003.  The FLRA certified NFFE Local 1998 as the exclusive representative of all Passport Services bargaining unit employees nationwide.  (September 10, 1985)
Certification of Representative: Following the original certification issued in 1981, NFFE Local 1998 is certified as the exclusive Union representative for all Passport Services employees at the Washington, DC Headquarters: FLRA Case No. 3-RO-20016. (April 22, 1983)
Revoked Certification: The FLRA revoked the Certification of Representation issued to AFGE Local 3671 for a bargaining unit composed only of the Chicago Passport Agency. The Department of State filed a Petition for Review of the prior decision by the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Labor-Management Relations that had granted AFGE Local 3671 the Certification of Representation, and the FLRA ruled for the Department of State. FLRA Case No. 50-13100(RO) (May 1, 1979) 
 MSPB Documents relating to NFFE Local 1998 and/or Passport Services 
MSPB Report: "The Department of State received a suggestion for formatting the agency's open announcements for job bids.  By using the suggested format, the agency was able to transmit the information in less time.  Another employee suggested a way to paste passport pictures.  The machine readable passport is also the result of an employee suggestion."  Appendix G: Examples of Suggestions Adopted by the Agencies Surveyed, from the MSPB publication, "GETTING INVOLVED: Improving Federal Management with Employee Participation" - page 101 (May 1986)
Whistleblower Reprisal: The MSPB ruled against the OSC regarding the charge that the Passport Office had retaliated against an employee of the New York Passport Office when it had reassigned him.  While the MSPB agreed that the "whistleblowing was a significant factor in the agency's action, the agency had shown that it would have taken the same action regardless....": Special Counsel v. Department of State (Rohrmann) - page 22 (1982 Calendar Year Report) 
Whistleblower Reprisal: The Office of Special Counsel (OSC) obtained a stay for a passport examiner who alleged mismanagement: U.S. Department of State [Rohrmann] - page 28 (1980 Calendar Year Report) 
 OSC Documents relating to NFFE Local 1998 and/or Passport Services 
Hatch Act Advisory Legal Opinion: The United States Office of Special Counsel (OSC) issued an advisory legal opinion regarding whether employees of Passport Services are allowed under the Hatch Act to write letters to Congress expressing concerns about the integrity of the passport issuance process.  The advisory opinion was requested by NFFE Local 1998.  The OSC summed up the request as follows: "Department of State employees would like to consider writing letters or personally visiting members of Congress to express your concerns about the passport issuance process".  In the opinion, the OSC stated that the "Hatch Act does not prohibit you or other Department of State employees from contacting members of Congress".   The OSC also noted that "the Hatch Act does not prohibit you from using official time to contact members of Congress about your concerns with the passport issuance process". Click here for the OSC's letter posted on the official OSC website (with the word "passport" and all names redacted): advisory legal opinion.  Click here for the OSC's letter posted on the NFFE Local 1998 website (this is the complete letter, nothing is redacted): complete advisory legal opinion.  (January 24, 2007)

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