Sample Letter #2 for Public Citizens

Dear Senator/Congressman/Congresswoman __________

I am writing to oppose mandatory security clearance upgrades for passport employees who do not presently deal with classified information.  The thousands of dollars these upgrades will cost could be better spent.  For example, there is presently a thousand-mile gap between the passport office Chicago and the next closest one (in Colorado).  A surplus of agency budget would be better spent increasing the publicís access to a passport agency.

I question the wisdom of upgrading hundreds of federal employees to allow them access to classified information at this time.  The Edward Snowden incident demonstrates that classified material has been previously made too widely available.  Limiting those with the right to classified information is only sensible, given the ease of both the duplication and electronic transmission of documents. 

I am troubled by the Department of Stateís refusal to provide specifics on the basis for upgrading so many security clearance levels at once.  I am also concerned about how much the clearances will cost.   The Department should not conceal such basic information.  Your assistance in obtaining answers would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,