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For the latest Local 1998 news, go to Home – News & Info.  The News Archive has past Local 1998 news stories and copies of the Local 1998 News, the official Union newsletter.  

  Federal Employee Benefit Information



NFFE News News from NFFE National.   2008 Pay Schedule with Locality Find your rate of pay for 2008. 
NFFE Press Releases Press Releases distributed by NFFE National. TSP:  Thrift Savings Plan Information on this important part of federal employees’ retirement plans.
NFFE Legal Update Information, actions, updates, and interpretations published by the NFFE National General Counsel.
The Federal Employee Newsletter published by NFFE National. 
IAMAW News The latest news from the IAMAW.  

Federal Employee News

Independent organizations focusing on Federal Employee issues:

Federal Daily Publisher of the “Federal Employees News Digest”.  Online service for federal and postal employees.
FEDmanager Weekly email newsletter.
FEDweek Information for federal employees and retirees.
Federal News Service Transcripts of events relevant to federal employees.
FederalTimes.com News & Info for federal managers.
FedSmith.com Information that impacts the federal community. 
Federal News Radio Website and online radio show hosted by Mike Causey.
Feddesk.com Obtain free federal employees handbooks.
GovExec.com Government Executive Magazine: news and information for federal employees.
(Federal Diary)
It is necessary to register to read the “Federal Diary” column by Stephen Barr. 

Other Federal Employee Websites
The National Whistleblower Center A non-profit, non-governmental, advocacy organization dedicated to helping whistleblowers.