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Invitation to join the Union distributed for 25th Anniversary on 10-19-2006

FEEA (CFC # 11195) 

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Collective Bargaining Agreement between Passport Services & NFFE Local 1998
 News: Union membership growth
Orientation and membership drive held at SIA
February 11, 2009: NFFE Local 1998 Union President Colin Walle conducted two orientation sessions for employees at the Special Issuance Agency in Washington, DC, and also conducted a membership drive at lunch.  During the orientations, Walle explained employee rights under the collective bargaining agreement.  Five employees become Union members during the drive.  .  

Membership drive held at Washington DC Passport Agency
December 17, 2008: Five bargaining unit employees made the decision to become Union members at a membership drive.... (click for more)

NFFE Local 1998 marks 27 years as exclusive representative of Passport Services employees
October 19, 2008: Twenty-seven years ago, on October 19, 1981, the Federal Labor Relations Authority certified NFFE Local 1998 as the exclusive representative of Passport Services bargaining unit employees.  Union members are encouraged to show their pride by wearing their NFFE polo shirts, lanyards, and lapel pins.  Bargaining unit employees who are not yet members of the Union are encouraged to join!!!  

Union VP Rob Arnold visits National Passport Center, Boston Passport Agency, and New York Passport Agency 
September 24-25, 2008: New Union Vice President Rob Arnold visited the Passport Offices in Portsmouth NH, Boston MA, and....  (click for more)

Newest IAMAW member Hillary Clinton makes motion to endorse Barack Obama for President
September 8, 2008: The 2008 IAMAW convention welcomed Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY), who gave an address to the convention and thanked the IAMAW for its endorsement during the Democratic Party Primary.  (click for more)

Local 1998 RS & NFFE BR visit Colorado 
April 24, 2008: NFFE Local 1998 Recording Secretary Jennifer Gile and NFFE Business Representative Gary Johanson visited the Colorado Passport Agency.  They met with PPT/CO Management officials, conducted a Union orientation for employees, held a membership drive, and provided representational training.  At least 3 employees became Union members as a result of the trip.  

Local 1998 VP & NFFE BR visit New Orleans
March 28, 2008: NFFE Local 1998 Vice President Mike Garofano and NFFE Business Representative Gary Johanson visited the New Orleans Passport Agency.  The two representatives met with Management officials, conducted an orientation of new employees, provided training to the New Orleans Union representatives (Debra Reese-Jolly, Donald Roberts, Yvonne Smith, and Jeanette Triplett), and conducted a membership drive.  Ten employees took this opportunity to become Union members!!!  

Record number of Union members
September 1, 2007: Just in time for Labor Day, NFFE Local 1998 announced that it had reached a record number of dues-paying Union members.  240 Passport Services employees have signed up to be members of the local.  To join NFFE Local 1998, complete an SF-1187 Dues Deduction Form - http://nffe1998.org/misc_documents/nffe-1187.pdf - and send it to: NFFE Local 1998, PO Box 2221, Seattle, WA 98111.  

Union Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary
October 19, 2006: NFFE Local 1998 marked its 25th anniversary as the exclusive representative of Passport Services bargaining unit employees.  Various offices marked the anniversary on the 19th and on other dates, up until November 3.  Union members received NFFE-IAM lapel pins and lanyards and, as desired, Union polo shirts.  All bargaining unit employees received an invitation to join the Union and also were given wallet-sized magnifiers.  Combined with mini-membership drives ran by NFFE Business Rep Jim Davis in September and the 25 Year Anniversary events in October and the first days of November, over 25 employees nationwide joined the Union.   

NFFE Local 1998 Reps (standing from L-R) Colin Walle, Tatanesha Boggs, Kamaria Blandford, Melissa Toby, Rob Arnold, Josue Trinidad-Perez, and (sitting from L-R) Tanika Jenkins and Jennifer Gile.  

Organizing Award presented to Local 1998 at the NFFE convention in Milwaukee, WI on October 6, 2008 

NFFE Local 1998 Vice President Rob Arnold meets with Union members at the New York Passport Agency on September 25, 2008.  

NFFE Business Representative Gary Johanson, Local 1998 Senior Steward Sarah Sun, Local 1998 Recording Secretary Jennifer Gile, and new Local 1998 Union 
members Corrina and Maggie at the Colorado Passport Agency in April 2008.  

Local 1998 VP Mike Garofano, Local 1998 Union Steward Donald Roberts, NFFE BR Gary Johanson, Local 1998 Senior Steward Debra Reese-Jolly, 
Local 1998 Union Steward Yvonne Smith, and Local 1998 Union Steward Jeanette Triplett in March 2008.   

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This site is owned & maintained by IAMAW FD1 NFFE FL1998, the union that represents the bargaining unit employees of Passport Services (a division of the Department of State's Bureau of Consular Affairs). The views expressed here are those of the Union and not the federal government. 


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