This webpage archives the newsletters that have been published by NFFE Local 1998, including: 
  • E Pluribus Unum;
  • One Voice, Union Strong;
  • Local 1998 News; and 
  • The Passport Employee Voice.  

On August 20, 2009 the IAMAW announced the winner of its newsletter and website contest and NFFE Local 1998 was recognized for three awards for our newsletter - One Voice, Union Strong - in the competition for locals.  Local 1998 won 3rd place for General Excellence and received honorable mention for Best Layout and Design and Best Feature. Secretary-Treasurer Jennifer Gile served as the editor of the newsletter, Union President Colin Walle served as the publisher, and PPT/WN Union Steward Tanika Jenkins wrote the article that received Honorable mention for Best Feature. The NFFE National newsletter - The Federal Employee - also received a number of awards at the district level.  


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Here are some images of the awards that NFFE Local 1998's newsletter won in 2009 in the IAMAW's newsletter contest (for Union locals): 

2009 Best Layout and Design: Honorable Mention  2009 General Excellence: 3rd Place 2009 Best Feature: Honorable Mention