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All Union Stewards should be familiar with the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  
 News: Training of Union Officers
Scroll down below to see news stories archived from the "FL 1998 Home" page relating to the training of NFFE Local 1998 Union Officers. Union Stewards are trained in their duties through the following methods: 
  1. Week-long training classes at the IAMAW's Winpisinger Education and Technology Center in Maryland (pictured at right).
  2. Reading and taking quizzes on the NFFE Local 1998 Steward Manual self-study guide (located at the "Union Stewards" link above. 
  3. On-site or video/teleconference training sessions conducted by more experienced Officers. 
  4. On-the-job (OTJ) training.  

  News stories on Training of Union Officers 
Thirty NFFE Local 1998 Union Reps attend training class at the Winpisinger Center
October 2, 2009: 30 NFFE Local 1998 Union representatives from all across Passport Services attended a special week-long class at the IAMAW's Winpisinger Center from September 26 through October 2, 2009.  The class focused on grievances and bargaining.  This class was the first ever FL 1998-only class at the Winpisinger Center and the Union Reps were greatly appreciative.  
Managers & Union Reps receive joint training on the new CBA 
September 25, 2009: 25 NFFE Local 1998 Union Reps attended joint training on the new contract with about 40 Management officials.  The training was graciously hosted by Passport Services HQ officials.  Department of State Chief Labor Management Negotiator Steve Polson and NFFE Local 1998 Union President conducted the training and answered questions on the new contract.  This marked the first time that joint training had ever been done on the collective bargaining agreement.  
Membership drive held at Washington DC Passport Agency
December 17, 2008: Five bargaining unit employees made the decision to become Union members at a membership drive held during lunch periods at the Washington (DC) Passport Agency - and another three employees joined during the week leading up to the drive.  Each employee's membership in the Union makes the Union stronger and better able to represent the needs of bargaining unit employees.  Each additional member also helps set a new record in terms of total membership, as NFFE Local 1998 now has over 360 members.  

NFFE Local 1998 Reps (standing from L-R) Colin Walle, Tatanesha Boggs, Kamaria Blandford, Melissa Toby, Rob Arnold, Josue Trinidad-Perez, and (sitting from L-R) Tanika Jenkins and Jennifer Gile.  


Four Union Reps attend advanced training pilot program at IAMAW's Winpisinger Center
December 12, 2008: NFFE Local 1998 Union President Colin Walle, Vice President Rob Arnold, Senior Steward (PPT/NO) Debra Reese-Jolly, and Senior Steward (PPT/TO) Kamaria Blandford attended the weeklong Federal Employees Seminar 2 course at the IAMAW's Winpisinger Center.  This was the first time that the course was held.  Representatives practiced writing grievances, engaged in mock negotiation/mediation/impasse sessions, heard from an FLRA attorney, and learned a great deal from numerous instructors.  

NFFE Union Representatives at the December 6-12, 2008 Federal Employees Seminar II course held at the IAMAW's Winpisinger Center.   



Union VP Rob Arnold visits National Passport Center, Boston Passport Agency, and New York Passport Agency 
September 24-25, 2008: New Union Vice President Rob Arnold visited the Passport Offices in Portsmouth NH, Boston MA, and New York NY.  He conducted representational training for the Union Stewards, participated in membership drives, and - in Boston - provided an orientation to the Union for new employees.  Mr. Arnold was formerly the Secretary-Treasurer but became Union Vice President after Mike Garofano was promoted to a non-bargaining unit position.  As a result of his trip, ten employees joined the Union.  

NFFE Local 1998 Vice President Rob Arnold meets with Union members at the New York Passport Agency on September 25, 2008.  

3 attend federal collective bargaining class
June 9, 2008: NFFE Local 1998 Chief Steward Karen Proctor-Adams, NPC Senior Steward Helen Bechard, and PPT/WN Senior Steward Melissa Toby attended the week-long Federal Sector Collective Bargaining class at the IAMAW's Winpisinger Education and Technology Center in Placid Harbor, Maryland.  

June 2008 Federal Sector Collective Bargaining class photo at the IAMAW's Winpisinger Center

Local 1998 VP & NFFE BR visit New Orleans
March 28, 2008: NFFE Local 1998 Vice President Mike Garofano and NFFE Business Representative Gary Johanson visited the New Orleans Passport Agency.  The two representatives met with Management officials, conducted an orientation of new employees, provided training to the New Orleans Union representatives (Debra Reese-Jolly, Donald Roberts, Yvonne Smith, and Jeanette Triplett), and conducted a membership drive.  Ten employees took this opportunity to become Union members!!!  

Local 1998 VP Mike Garofano, Local 1998 Union Steward Donald Roberts, NFFE BR Gary Johanson, Local 1998 Senior Steward Debra Reese-Jolly, Local 1998 Union Steward Yvonne Smith, and Local 1998 Union Steward Jeanette Triplett in March 2008.   

Five NFFE Local 1998 reps attend training 
March 8, 2008: Five representatives of NFFE Local 1998 began a week-long training class at the IAMAW's Winpisinger Education and Technology Center.  The Local 1998 reps in attendance are Recording Secretary Jennifer Gile, Senior Steward (NPC) Chuck Black, Union Steward (NPC) Nate Tortora, Senior Steward (CPC) Russell Gaither, and Union Steward (MM) Jeff Affleck.  They are attending a Federal Employees Seminar.  The training covers issues such as the Federal Service Labor Management Relations Statute, handling complaints, filing grievances, filing Unfair Labor Practice charges, and other matters.  This training, paid for by the Union, enables the representatives to better serve their fellow Passport Services employees.  

Local 1998 Union reps Jeff Affleck, Russell Gaither, Chuck Black, Jennifer Gile, and Nate Tortora pose in front of the new Local 1998 Union Orientation PowerPoint while at the IAMAW's Winpisinger Center in March 2008.   


Local 1998 Vice President Mike Garofano and Secretary-Treasurer Rob Arnold attend a representational training class at the IAMAW's Winpisinger Center in November 2007.  The class focused on grievance arbitrations. 


March 2008 Federal Employees Seminar 

Representational training on September 14, 2007. Pictured (L to R): PPT/WN Steward Melissa Toby, NFFE Business Rep Steve Flory, PPT/TO Senior Steward Paulette Brent, Local 1998 President Colin Walle (kneeling), Chief Steward Karen Proctor-Adams, PPT/TO Steward Kamaria Blandford.  

2006 Leadership One class

9 Reps attend Federal Employees Seminar
March 20, 2006: An unprecedented nine Union Representatives from Local 1998 attended the weeklong Federal Employees Seminar together at the IAMAW's Winpisinger Center in Placid Harbor, Maryland. Leah Anderson, Rob Arnold, Mike Garofano, Eric Handy, Mirna Lopez, Elisabeth Lucchese, Two Feathers Neal, Debra Reese-Jolly, and Colin Walle traveled from Seattle, New Orleans, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Portsmouth (NH) to learn about grievances, arbitration, ULP's, prohibited personnel practices, Hatch Act rules, A-76 contracting out, and other representational issues. In addition to the regular coursework, the
Local 1998 reps met for four evening sessions to discuss problems affecting Passport Services employees in their respective offices. The group also developed a Strategic Plan for Local 1998. 

2006 Federal Sector Collective Bargaining class at the Winpisinger Center

Local 1998 President & Vice President Meet with DC Reps
October 16, 2005: NFFE Local 1998 President Colin Walle and Vice President Mike Garofano visited Washington, DC on October 13th and 14th.  They met with Recording Secrectary (and PPT/WN Senior Steward) Karen Proctor-Adams on the 13th to prepare for contract negotiations.  They also met with PPT/IML Senior Steward Paulette Brent, PPT/SIA Senior Steward Renee Wynn, PPT/SIA Steward Mamie Minor, and PPT/WN Steward Keacha Medley on the 14th to provide informal representational training and answer questions of concern. 


DC-Area Reps Receive Training
April 6, 2005: NFFE National Secretary-Treasurer John Paolino provided day-long course on representational issues. The class was attended by Recording Secretary Paula Carter, PPT/SIA Steward Renee Wynn, PPT/WN Senior Steward Karen Proctor-Adams, PPT/IML Senior Steward Mamie Minor, and PPT/IML Steward Paulette Brent.

Local 1998 representatives with John Paolino

VP Garofano: On the Road Again
March 23 - 25, 2005: VP Mike Garofano, filling in as Acting President, visited the New York Passport Agency, the Connecticut Passport Agency, and the Boston Passport Agency. He provided representational training and guidance to the Union reps in each location, and also listened to employees' concerns. 
Web Stewards Attend Advanced Training
October 18, 2004: Local 1998 webmasters Bill Beardall and Mike Garofano attend a week-long training course at the IAMAW's Winpisinger Center in Placid Harbor, Maryland. The course, IAM Advanced Website Development, is designed to assist web stewards fully develop local websites for the benefit of the membership.
VP Rob Arnold Attends Leadership Training
October 4, 2004: Seattle VP Rob Arnold attends a week-long Leadership II training course at the IAMAW's Winpisinger Center in Placid Harbor, Maryland.
Garofano Attends Training at Winpisinger Center (Again)
May 16, 2004: NFFE VP Michael Garofano (NPC) is attending a week-long Advanced Leadership course at the IAMAW's Winpisinger Center to better prepare himself to represent the needs of the bargaining unit employees.
Federal Employees Seminar
March 1, 2004: Five representatives from Local 1998 attended the Federal Employees Seminar at the Winpisinger Education and Technology Center (IAMAW) in Placid Harbor, Maryland.  Representatives include:
Mike Garofano (NPC), Cathy Prince (LA), Nathaniel Miller (SE), Claude Scott (CG), and Lisa Savoy (HN).


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