Union Contacts - Chapter 7 


The staff of NFFE National Headquarters and the Business Representatives around the country work (more than) full time on our behalf and have their salaries paid for by our dues. These are important and valuable resources, and it is important to respect their time. They provide much needed advice and assistance to Local 1998, and also argue cases and submit briefs on our behalf in grievances, negotiations, Unfair Labor Practice charges, Negotiability Appeals, and numerous other matters.


In order to avoid a barrage of unnecessary queries, the normal protocol is for Union Stewards to contact the Local 1998 leadership first with questions or to get advice on how to handle complaints. The Local 1998 leadership then tries to answer/assist the Union Steward. In those situations where the leadership does not have the answers or needs further assistance, then NFFE National Business Representatives or HQ will be contacted.

However, there is no prohibition or rule against a Union Steward directly contacting NFFE National himself or herself. In those cases where either the Steward is unable to get help from the Local 1998 leadership (e.g., due to an absence) or for some other reason feels it necessary to contact NFFE National directly, he/she certainly may do so. It is important to keep in mind that NFFE National includes 200 locals (each with numerous officers) and over 8000 dues-paying members, so keeping the volume of queries down and avoiding unnecessary calls is a serious consideration.

NFFE National Contacts

Attached you will find a copy of the NFFE National contact list. Check the Local 1998 and NFFE National websites for the latest contact information. If you do need the assistance of NFFE National, normally you would contact the Business Representative in the closest proximity to your office. Here is a suggested breakdown:

  • Steve Flory: Seattle and Honolulu (Mr. Flory is the Chief Negotiator for NFFE Local 1998 and the Union leadership often contacts him for guidance) 

  • Jan Thompson: Los Angeles and San Francisco

  • Gary Johanson: Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Minneapolis, New Orleans, and Houston 

  • James Griffin: Miami and Charleston

  • Jim Davis: Philadelphia, New York, Portsmouth, Boston, Connecticut

  • NFFE HQ: Washington DC (TO, WN, and SIA)

Click here for NFFE National Contact List

Updated March 14, 2009